Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chloe's First Day of Kindergarten

How cute are they? The pictures are a little small, but just click on one to make it bigger!

Cael's 3rd Birthday

Hey, Hey, Hey. . . I'M BACK!!

Ok, so I know all of you have really missed the blogs. Well, maybe you didn't even notice it's been awhile since I posted. Either way I'm finally back on line. Being without the internet SUCKS!! Wow, I didn't realize how often I used it. And not just for this, but important stuff too, ha ha. Anyway, we are finally getting settled in and it feels good to get into a routine (if you can call it that). Chloe started school about a week ago and is loving every second of it! She goes to bed talking about it and wakes up even happier then usual. Cael seems to enjoy the time alone with Mom again. He just had his 3rd birthday! Scooby Doo even showed up!! (thanks Dax). I will post the pictures of both the birthday and Chloe's first day of school. Thanks to everyone who has helped us move all our stuff (we seem to have a ton of it). Thanks also for all the love and support everyone has given us in our time of so many changes. Happy birthday to Baby Cody, the boy is now 1 year old.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well, here's the latest on our life. We will be moving up to South Jordan on Wednesday, July 22nd. We will be unloading on Thursday. We found a nice enough house in South Jordan, we are content with it for now. We are really looking forward to starting the next chapter in our lives. The future is looking good for my business and the opportunity to expand. We will greatly miss those of you in St. George. We will miss our home, community, and the opportunity to spend time with all our family and friends in St. George. That is the really hard part and the thing that makes me sad. I hope all of you down here understand and support our decision to move. I truly feel that this the best decision for my family and my business. I have prayed about this decision endlessly and I know God is pulling me to Salt Lake for a reason.

As far as you all in Salt Lake, watch out. . . here we come.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We love Summer!

Look at Chloe fly!! Uncle Dax was throwing her and she loved it. Cael wasn't so into it, he just likes to sink to the bottom and wait for someone to pull him up. . . what a fish.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hope you all had a great 4th. We sure did! Susan, Paul, Dax, and Deb are in town and we all got up and went to breakfast in the morning. Then we came home and went riding the Rhino and the 4 wheeler up in the hills above Santa Clara. Ok, not all of us went, just me and the kids, and Dax and Deb, and Will. After that we came home and hung out by the pool and enjoyed the sun. After a BBQ and a short nap, we all met up with Dad and Paula to watch the fireworks on airport hill. Chloe and Cael wanted to light their own after that, so we came home had a fireworks show of our own! We had a great day, it is nice to spend the holiday with all our fam.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence day, thought I'd throw some pics on of years past. They grow up way too fast.

I'm not as good as Danielle at this. . .

Yeah, I'm definately not nearly as good at this blogging thing as Danielle but I will probably get to it more often. Anyway, the cutsie wootsie layouts and backdrops etc. are Danielle's doing. So don't make fun of me Kevin. HaHa. Just want to wish everyone a happy Independence Day!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Taking Over!!

Well, I've realized that Danielle isn't keeping our blog current. So I told her I'd start doing it. She has a lot on her plate lately and I am at my desk a lot. We'll see, but hopefully I can get around to it more often then she has. So check back often and make sure you become a follower of our blog. Anyway, the latest news is that there has been a small delay in our moving to Salt Lake. We probably won't be able to move down until August 1st or so, we will see. We are still working on selling our house and the place we were getting in Riverton fell through. Thats ok. God has a plan for us and it will all work out. We will be up there on or around the 7th, so we can get some of it worked out then.

Just a few shout outs. . .
Congratulations to Will and Sophia on getting Parker home! He is adorable, and we are so excited he is finally here. I'm an uncle again!

Also, congratulations to Kevin on his new job! Athletic trainer for Ballet West. I'm proud of you man, all your hard work and sacrifice is paying off.

To Kami, congrats on your new job at the bank! Keep up the good work on your wedding plans, and good luck keeping Blaine in check (lol),

Susan, Paul, Dax and Deb, we can't wait to see you all. We are getting Hotel Christen ready!

Dad and Paula, thanks for taking the kids camping! They seem like they loved every second, and Danielle and I enjoyed the time alone together.

Cousin Parker is here!

Chloe and Cael got to meet Parker today. Will and Sophia were able to bring him home today and we are all so excited! He is way cute and has tons of hair, as you can see.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big News...

This is probably going to come as a shock to just about everyone, but Corey and I have decided to put our house up for sale. I know, kind of out of the blue. No need to worry, we aren't in any financial trouble, but we do recognize the decrease in our income and want to start making adjustments before we are forced to. Now for the other shoe to drop...we are hoping to move to Salt Lake. I know, anyone who knows us has heard us say that we would never go back, but it is really strange how much can change once you have kids. Corey already has a business plan worked out which includes keeping Oquirrh Mountain Hardwoods in southern Utah, but also trying to break into the market along the Wasatch Front. He is excited about the opportunity and the challenge. He is also going to try to get a part time job at the airport so that he can have flight benefits to fly to St. George instead of driving. Corey has an excellent employee who is willing to step up to the challenge of being a foreman and managing the business down here. We don't know when all of this will take place, but we are listing our house sometime this week. I hope I haven't given anyone heart failure, we are so very excited at this new opportunity and the adventure it is sure to bring. Thanks to our families and all of the support they have given us while making this decision. Love to all of you

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cael is becoming quite the photographer! He took these (except the one of him lol!) all by himself! The one is of his finger and the other one is Buster.

Greatest husband EVER!

Ok, so everyone knows that Corey is one of the greatest husbands (or for that matter people) in the world. He is the closest thing to perfect that I've ever seen! That being said, anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE Kenny Chesney fan. Corey is very understanding about it (isn't he a fan of the Red Sox or something?) and has let me attend 4 concerts in the past 2 years (3 of them out of state). Well, Kenny is gearing up for his 2009 tour and luckily, he is coming to Salt Lake City!!!! We had decided that we were going to go and probably go with some of our family. Well, like a dork, I belong to the fan club...go ahead and laugh, but that is how I have gotten tickets to 3 of the 4 shows. Anyway, I got an email saying that Kenny had announced a special concert date for Las Vegas and that it would be at someplace called "The Joint". I googled "The Joint" and apparently it is a club at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. IT ONLY HOLDS 4,000 PEOPLE!!!!! I knew that it would be a VERY slim chance to get tickets to this, but I decided to try anyway. There I was at 1 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday with my fingers ready to click the "purchase tickets" button, and IT WORKED!!! There was a 2 ticket limit, but somehow I got them. Corey asked what was I waiting for? Buy them! So we're going to see Kenny in Vegas on April 25th (with 3,998 other people) I told Corey that I would stand in line all day if it meant I could be close to the stage (General Admission, Standing Room Only) he muttered something about me being crazy and said that with only 4,000 tickets how could there be a bad spot in the place? He's right, but I still want to get there early......;)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas Morning 2008

Christmas morning, the two most exciting words in the English language. The magic of Christmas is even greater in the presence of little kids. The old traditions and festivities are made new again when shared with children. We all wish to be kids at Christmastime!

We took the kids out to Tuacahn to see Santa and the Living Nativity. When we got there, no one was in line to see Santa, so the kids got to spend more than just a minute with him. Afterwards we got tickets to see the Living Nativity which includes people, and live animals such as goats, horses, cows, pigs, sheep and so on. The kids were in absolute awe at all of the animals and people in the production. It was such a special experience to share with my little ones and one I'm sure will become a yearly tradition.

Fishing at the little pond.

Chloe and Cael got fishing poles of their very own. (Barbie for her and Shrek for him) We took them fishing at the small pond by our house that is stocked with fish twice a year. Chloe caught 3 fish and Cael just had a good time casting into the dirt. (We never took the plastic weight off of his line!)